Improving your emergency messaging with high quality Text to Speech voices

We’re the only UK owned mass notification company with UK hosting, UK support and now … UK regional accents for our text to speech (TTS) voices!

The importance of high-quality TTS

Text to speech technology, in its current format, has been around for a while now. But, we’ve all heard examples of poor text to speech, or robotic-sounding voices. When it comes to emergency or business continuity messaging, the importance of clear, easily understood, text to speech voices cannot be overestimated.

If you’re the person triggering a message, you don’t have time to waste writing your text phonetically with double spaces for pauses in an attempt to make your tea tea ess engine read your content clearly.

If you’re the person receiving the message, you don’t want to miss vital (possibly life-saving) information because the TTS engine is struggling to pronounce the content correctly.

The importance of regional accents

So, let’s take it as a given that high-quality TTS is vital for your emergency and business continuity messaging. What else can we do to make it easier for you to get your message across?

Traditionally, UK TTS voices have been based around received pronunciation – otherwise known as queen’s English. Recent research shows though, that this accent is only used by 2% of the UK population, with even less use in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Why then, would you choose to use this accent for your messages?

Alert cascade includes 13 different TTS voices as standard, covering a wide range of regional accents and letting you choose the voice that will be most easily understood by your contacts.

How good is our TTS?

  Available with local accents to help your contacts easily understand your message

  Available in multiple languages so you can communicate with everyone

  Able to learn the pronunciations of difficult words and acronyms

  Uses patented emotional speech synthesis to express emotions

  Designed, engineered and supported here in the UK

Our resource centre includes examples of the different voices, and how our customers use them to help get their message out. From severe weather warnings to letting your staff know there’s a problem with the company email system, alert cascade has a voice to suit you.

Talk to us about how our text to speech voices can help you.

For more information about Alert Cascade’s products and solutions, please contact the sales department:

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November 17, 2016

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