Why it’s a bad idea to rely on email only communications …

For the last 15 years, we’ve specialised in providing our customers with resilient, UK based mass notification services. Here’s why our platform provides multiple communication paths as standard…

Redundancy and resilience

We all have our preferred method of communicating, and our platform lets you cater to those preferences by choosing what contact data you store, which channels you want to use for your message, who you want to communicate with and when. But all that being said, it’s still important to consider how you’d cope if your preferred communication channel wasn’t available.

For example, as an organisation, how would you cope if your email service was down due to somebody accidentally sending a test email to 850k users? How would your staff keep in touch with each other? How would the outside world reach you? How would you let people know that your IT team are already dealing with this and they don’t need another 600 support tickets being opened about the same issue?


Multi-modal communication

Problem: email is down and your IT team need to concentrate on fixing the issue, not fielding support tickets
Solution: send a voice call to office phones and a text to field staff mobile phones letting everyone know what’s happening, and follow it up with regular updates using the same channels

Problem: you’re having internet issues and your office phones run on Voice over Internet Protocol
Solution: text your staff to keep them in the loop and re-direct your customer-facing phone lines to your Audio Noticeboard

Problem: there’s been a major incident and MTPAS has been invoked meaning your voice calls aren’t going through to mobiles and you need to know your people are safe
Solution: send voice calls to landlines (even if GTPS has been invoked as well, inbound landline calls will still go through), emails to any addresses you have and SMS text messages to mobiles, all with polling enabled so your contacts can let you know they’re safe and well

Within the context of mass communications, multi modal simply means the ability to communicate on more than one channel or mode. That’s why we’ve specifically designed Alert Cascade 4.0 with the ability for you to add unlimited contact fields, and to set them up in the way that works best for you.

Whether you call them cell phones, mobiles, landlines, desk phones, e-mail addresses or emails, you can choose exactly what data you want to store and how. Then, when it’s time to send your message, you can pick and chose the communication channels to use, based on the situation you’re dealing with.

Talk to us about how our multi-modal solutions can help you.

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November 25, 2016

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