Situation Tracker

Incident management & logging tools

A flexible, easy to use solution for managing a wide variety of incidents – from initial report through to post-incident review and trend tracking.

Created around our simple, user-friendly interface, our Situation Tracker provides a full suite of tools and a variety of advanced solutions for logging and managing incidents.


The Situation Tracker has a fully customisable framework that lets you tailor the information you need to capture and how and when you want to capture it.

product guidance

Our team is on hand to show you how the software and approach is going to serve your needs by helping you choose the right tools to suit your circumstances.




Track and


Automatic notifications


Custom form creator






Real-time collaboration


Advanced analytics


Document retention

We very rarely require support as each time we have needed to use the system it has worked in the manner that it should.
To sum up – Alert Cascade, it does what it says on the tin!
– Business Continuity Lead – Charity Sector


Incident and situation management can differ significantly depending on your sector or industry.

Situation Tracker is a scalable and future-proof solution for organisations of all shapes and sizes, giving you the tools you need to deal with any type of incident, during and after the event.

Create fields, forms, and workflow rules to match your own incident management processes and standard operating procedures, and choose whether to integrate with our Mass Notification and Information Hotline tools.

During an incident

Create and manage communications related to the disruption

Bring together key personnel to manage the incident

Establish safe, secure & reliable records

Keep logs of evidence gathered, decisions made, & actions taken

After the event

Review the full audit trail of what happened and when

Analyse root causes & identify key trends

Review the control measures you have in place

Take action to prevent or minimise the impact of a repeat incident

Our account manager and his team have provided us with an outstanding level of training and support, not only to our London staff but also to our office in New York, where Alert Cascade has been adopted as the emergency communication tool of choice given its international capability and ease of use.
– Chief Executive – Legal Sector

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Alert Cascade understood our requirements in tailoring our account to the needs of our site… Clear training and information was provided, and the system has the ease of use and flexibility needed so that we can continue to enhance the Terminal’s ability to warn and inform in the event of a major incident.
– Terminal Manager – Petrochemical Sector

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