Biffa implements new incident line technology

Streamlining incident management using alert cascade connect

One of the UK’s largest integrated waste management companies, Biffa, has implemented a new incident communication and management system across its 190 sites. The system will be used by site managers to quickly and easily communicate with key members of divisional management teams, escalate incidents to crisis level and keep Group executives in the loop.

Biffa have opted to use Alert Cascade Connect to deliver their incident management communications, with each of the 10 divisions having access to their own individual Connect account complete with email and SMS delivery of initial incident reports, dedicated audio conferencing lines and bespoke voice prompts ensuring that all relevant information is collected during the initial incident call. Whilst Biffa have always focused heavily on health and safety processes, the implementation of Alert Cascade Connect gives them these added benefits:

  • Just one number for a site manager to dial to report an incident, rather than ringing through a call list. Staff dealing with an already stressful situation now have one less thing to worry about.
  • Using the configurable IVR options on Connect accounts, Biffa can standardise the information being captured to ensure that the crisis team get everything they need rather than what the caller thinks they need.
  • A copy of the initial incident call is now delivered to the relevant team via email and SMS, with links to a secure conference call rather than relying on a manual call tree and Chinese whispers. The whole team now gets the whole story within seconds of the site manager making the call, enabling closer collaboration and swifter decision making.
  • The incident lines and conference call features are now hosted outside of the Biffa infrastructure, offering greater resilience and ensuring there are no capacity or network issues during a crisis.
  • The Alert Cascade Connect end to end report suite provides greater accountability via the detailed call records, email and SMS delivery reports and conference call recordings, all with the option for secure storage within the Alert Cascade environment or secure delivery to the Biffa environment via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

In line with their organisational values, Biffa have invested not just in our software but also in actively engaging with their staff from the ground up to find a solution that works at all levels. As part of this, we’ve worked alongside our customer to make sure that everything, from the bespoke voice prompts to the advanced email templates and SMS sender names, work for users at different levels using different devices and based at different locations. We’ve tweaked templates and amended wording based on user feedback and we’re now proud to announce that the platform is being rolled out across the country as we speak.

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November 7, 2016

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