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Alert Cascade offers secure messaging for your staff with an easy to use notification system, rapid set-up, single-click template messages, comprehensive support and cost effective solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Why choose us?

Alert Cascade offer flexible and resilient solutions to any problem you face, even as your needs change. We always deliver the right result for your organisation, no matter the size and scale.


Our system is simple and quick to navigate and requires no training. The intuitive web interface uses a Q&A format and icon-led dashboard to ensure clear and consistent messaging from top to bottom.


Our onboarding specialists will have you up and running in 48 hours, complete with template ‘start-up’ messages and staff communications detailing precisely what we do, so your stakeholders know what to expect.


Whenever you need us, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are on hand to offer expert advice or walk you through any situation. We think on our feet and innovate solutions to meet any issue you’re facing.

to grow

With our modular solutions, you only pay for the features you use. Our Audio Noticeboard acts as an inbound information hotline, so you can use it as a standalone feature or as part of a full mass notification service.


Our all-inclusive plans mean you can use the service whenever you need to without worrying about purchase orders or extra costs. Prices are fixed for the duration of your contract, so you always know exactly where you are with your budget.

Instant integration

Our system integrates seamlessly with your formatting, so your data doesn’t need to be perfect because our software does the work for you. Our import wizard validates all contact numbers and emails, and automatically sends reminders to help you manage data with ease.

100% white routing

We always combine SMS with other channels at no extra cost – so you avoid all the pitfalls and problems of relying solely on SMS. Our team are always available to help you understand how the software and approach is going to work most effectively in your environment.

… far more user friendly – for us and potential recipients… it has simplified our resilience processes, and provided features not available from other vendors.
– Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Manager – Petrochemical Sector

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