Mass notification services and incident management solutions


Our solutions are easy to implement, simple to use, and can be activated within seconds from any internet enabled device or via a touch tone phone.


Our platforms comply with the latest security standards, with data held in top tier UK data centres and support being handled by UK based staff.


Our resilient network connections mean you receive a 99.999% SLA across all services – we’ve had less than 5 minutes downtime in the last 5 years.


Our modular solutions can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination for your organisation; as your needs change, so can our solution.

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Alert Cascade specialises in providing resilient, UK based, mass communication services. Our scalable cloud based telephony and text messaging solutions are used by organisations of all sizes to communicate vital information in seconds. Whether you’re a company that needs to let their staff know about a business continuity disruption, an organisation who needs to keep members of the public informed under COMAH and REPPIR regulations, or a charity who wants to keep in touch with their supporters, Alert Cascade has a solution to meet your needs.

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… Keep your people safe, informed and connected

Our unique app free web dashboard means that our full feature set is always available at your fingertips. You can use your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC without having to rely on a third party app, or on people keeping that app (and their phone!) up to date.

Our solutions are all cross browser, and cross device compatible. You can make full use of Alert Cascade using your browser of choice, on the device you’re most comfortable with. Unlike an app, which usually only gives you access to a small number of features, our responsive web dashboard lets you use every part of our solution, on every device and browser.

Sometimes notifying people is all you need to do, and sometimes you need to truly communicate. Our two way voice calls, SMS texts and emails collect real time replies, enabling you to make informed, effective, decisions. You can pick and choose on a per message basis whether to use some or all of your channels, and whether or not you need a reply. If you do need replies, you can set up to 10 multiple choice options for your recipients to choose from. Now, your reports will provide you with relevant, detailed information to base you next decision on.

Our guaranteed 99.999% SLA equates to less than 26 seconds of downtime a month, meaning you can rely on our solutions to be there whenever you need to use them. And if you need any help, our teams are available 24/7/365 to answer your questions, share our experience of “best practice” and generally support you in using our solutions. Our online help and support centre provides detailed “how to” articles, as well as downloadable videos for you to use for internal training, but if you need to speak to someone, we are always available.

Designed to be easy to use for both message senders and message recipients, it’s simple to send messages in just three taps or clicks in our icon based dashboard. If you don’t have internet access (that might be the crisis you’re dealing with, or you might be based in a location where internet access just isn’t possible), we offer the option to trigger messages via a phone call, or sending an SMS text to a dedicated number. The key function of a mass notification service is sending messages. So, we’ve made sure that our customers can choose to invoke a scenario in the way that works best for them. Some of our most prolific users never go near the dashboard!

To be able to send messages effectively for you, we need up to date contact data for your recipients. Our import wizard offers four different import routes, ensuring that there is always one that will work for you. Because we recognise that you may be lucky enough not to need to use our solutions on a regular basis, the entire dashboard is icon and Q&A based; if you’ve had no training at all, you can just answer the questions and get your message sent.

Our responsive dashboard lets you track message progress, whether you’re on your smartphone, iPad or PC. After the event, automatically send detailed reports via email and/or SMS, and export your results into your own management systems. Our reports show you who received the message, who replied, what reply they gave, what device they used, and even whether they met your own internal KPIs for time to respond. From within our reports area, you can immediately re-send messages to people who haven’t responded, and create new messages based on responses, allowing you to receive and respond to information all within one screen.

Your data is hosted in UK based Tier 4 data centres, and we use multiple resilient carriers for all of our communications channels. No matter what’s going on around you, we’ve taken steps to ensure your message will always get through. Our hosting environment is accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, SOC1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and PCI DSS Level 1. So, you can be confident that your data is safe with us. As part of our own security processes, we routinely carry out our own application scanning and penetration testing, and our customers are also welcome to do the same – we don’t have anything to hide!

Our solutions rely on your data, so we’ve focused heavily on user friendly import and export features, allowing you to keep your contact data up to date without investing hours of administrative time. All of our mass notification modules let you choose from standard import wizards, automated SFTP file transfers or full HR database / Active Directory integration, and we support PGP file encryption by default.

Our customers are in control of their own accounts. You can create and name as many custom fields as you need, meaning you can mould your Alert Cascade service to match your source data, and not the other way around. You don’t need to spend your valuable time re-formatting phone numbers, or cutting and pasting columns of information. Instead, you simply set up the fields in your mass notification service to match the information you’re already collecting in your source data, making the entire data maintenance process intuitive and pain free.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Processing Act (DPA) brought data protection to the forefront of everybody’s minds. And that’s no bad thing. We’ve always designed Alert Cascade around the Privacy by Default concept, so you’ll find lots of tools within our solutions to help you manage your obligations as a Data Controller or Data Processor. When you create fields within Alert Cascade, we give you the ability to flag those fields as Personally Identifiable Information. That lets us treat those fields differently when it comes to deletion, ensuring that data is fully removed not just from the current database, but also from any archived reports.

So if someone moves on from your organisation, you (and they) can be confident we’ve treated their personal data correctly. You can also run reports, quantifying the amount of personal data that you’re storing and processing in your mass notification service, making your privacy impact assessments that much easier to complete. We’re registered as Data Controller’s in our own right (you can find us on the ICO register here), so all of our staff, from the ground up, are fully conversant with our obligations and we all receive regular training to keep our knowledge up to date.

Alert Cascade solutions offer resilient automated notification services capable of delivering high-speed messages to groups, key individuals or your entire contact list.

Mass Notification

  • Multi channel Mass Notification Service with two way voice calls, SMS and emails
  • Used to cascade information to large groups or targeted teams, locally, regionally or globally
  • Built in conference bridge and document library for more effective mass communications

Audio Noticeboard

  • Inbound information hotline, keeping your contacts up to date without tying up resources
  • Dial in and record an update, or forward a copy of your outbound message to your Noticeboard
  • Dedicated line capacity per account, guaranteeing no engaged tones for your callers

On Call

  • Import an existing rota or create it from scratch, and target your messages to On Call staff
  • Allow staff to self manage their shifts by swapping with other users with the same skills
  • Bespoke KPI reports (response rates, time to answer etc) per incident, month or quarter

Incident Connect

  • Enables callers to report an incident and cascade the details to those who need to know
  • Transfer the caller live using a “find me, follow me” sequence, or leave a secure voicemail
  • Immediately forward voicemails and call reports to your distribution list via email, SMS or SFTP

Situation Tracker

  • Log, track and manage incidents and critical situations from any internet enabled device
  • Apply automatic notification, assignment and SLA rules based on your own criteria
  • Easily report on trends using any fields within Situation Tracker, including custom fields

Public Notification

  • Specifically designed for public warning and informing under COMAH/REPPIR
  • Includes a responsive resident sign up portal, 24 hour registration hotline and register by SMS
  • Enables you to easily communicate with both your onsite teams and your PIZ or DEPZ