Mass notification service - responsive dashboard, 3 clicks/taps to trigger

Alert Cascade ... closing the communication loop™

Alert Cascade specialises in providing resilient, UK based, mass communication services. Our scalable cloud based telephony and text messaging solutions are used by organisations of all sizes to communicate vital information in seconds - whether you're a business that needs to let their staff know about a business continuity disruption, a company who needs to keep members of the public informed under COMAH and REPPIR regulations, or a charity who wants to keep in touch with their supporters, Alert Cascade has a solution to meet your needs.

Our solutions are easy to implement, simple to use, and can be activated within seconds from any internet enabled device or via a touch tone phone.
Our platforms comply with the latest security standards, with data held in top tier UK data centres and support being handled by UK based staff.
Our resilient network connections mean you receive a 99.999% SLA across all services - we've had less than 5 minutes downtime in the last 5 years.

Our solutions ...

Are used by people in these roles:

Business continuity management

Facilities management

Corporate communications

IT management

Emergency planning

Local resilience

Search and rescue

Emergency services

HR management

Customer services


Risk and compliance



Who work in these sectors:

Finance and insurance

Chemical and nuclear


Aviation and transport





Local government

Energy and utilities

Property management and real estate




To help with these issues:

Call routing and management

Incident management and logging

Public safety notifications

Routine staff communications

Emergency notifications

Business continuity disruptions

Severe weather warnings

IT service alerting

Monitoring customer satisfaction levels

Informing executives and internal stakeholders

Meeting COMAH and REPPIR obligations

Implementing disaster recovery plans

On demand conference calling

Automating PIZ and DEPZ resident sign ups

Find your solution ...

Multi modal Mass Notification Service with two way voice calls, SMS and emails

Used to cascade information to large groups or targeted teams, either locally, regionally or globally

Built in conference bridge and document library for more effective mass communications



Resilient two way SMS and MMS module, with guaranteed non grey routing and UK hosting

Ability to create detailed messages by adding document links, surveys and forms to your templates

 Optional self subscribe feature enabling contacts to register via a dedicated keyword or QR code



Specifically designed for organisations with a duty to Warn and Inform under COMAH or REPPIR

Includes a responsive resident sign up portal, 24 hour registration hotline and register by SMS option

 Enables you to easily communicate with your both your onsite teams and your PIZ or DEPZ 



Inbound information hotline, keeping your contacts up to date without tying up your resources

Dial in and record an update, or forward a copy of your MNS or COMAH message to your Noticeboard 

Dedicated line capacity per account, guaranteeing no engaged tones for your callers 



 Enables callers to report an incident, and cascade the message up to those who need to know

Transfer the caller live using a "find me, follow me" sequence, or leave a secure voicemail 

Immediately forward voicemails and call reports to your distribution list via email, SMS or SFTP