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Communicate quickly and effectively during a business disruption, emergency or critical event.
Keep your people safe, informed and connected with Alert Cascade

Leading UK experts in   Mass Notification Incident Management   Data Security

We don’t just sell software, we provide
peace of mind.

Alert Cascade are the only UK mass notification provider with personal experience of managing major incidents.

We make sure the entire process is simple and straightforward – from initial onboarding and intuitive software to frequent and clear communication and full support during a business disruption.

When seconds count, we get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Save time. Reduce costs.

Easy Data Maintenance

Includes flexible importing with inbuilt data validation.
Our system corrects phone number formatting and matches field names, freeing up your time and resources to react more quickly to an emergency.

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Stay protected.

By Design

Our data security stands up to the most rigorous testing, with privacy built-in to every feature.

Access is granular and permission based, ensuring data is only shared on a “need to know” basis.

Anywhere. Any device.

Multiple ways to send a message

Keep everyone connected so your business keeps moving during a disruption. Our resilient automated notification services deliver high-speed messages to groups, key individuals and full contact lists

Why choose us?

Alert Cascade offer flexible and resilient solutions to any problem you face, even as your needs change. We always deliver the right result for your organisation, no matter the size and scale.


Personalised solutions

Only pay for the features you use – mix & match our modular solutions to suit your organisational requirements.


Supporting your business growth

Our modules & features facilitate your growth, so we can always meet the demands of your business environment.


Plan and prepare for the unexpected

We adapt to meet the changing needs of your business, so we can anticipate problems and prevent disasters before they occur.

Safeguard your company’s future today.

Our solutions.

Mass Notification System

 2-way voice calls, emails, SMS text Messages

All features available on any internet enabled device

• Unlimited global capacity for groups,
 individuals and full contact lists


• Target messages more effectively with rota-based alerting

Compatible with dial in and record, or trigger via web, SMS or email

• Easy and efficient for message senders and recipients

Information Hotline

• Simple ‘Call & Record’ emergency information hotline

• Unlimited line capacity

• Keep everyone in the loop without tying up valuable resources

Emergency Alerts

• Branded resident sign-up portals,
social media registration or managed postal campaigns

• Use the same simple solution for on-site alerting and off-site warning and informing

• Get maximum return on investment

Situation Tracker

• Log, track and trend incidents

• Manage outbound and in-bound communications

• Simple and easy-to-use web dashboard

• Enhance your tracking

• Set up automated workflows and reports

of Use

No training required

Only pay for the features you use – mix and match our modular solutions to create the perfect feature set for your organization.

Our Service Guarantee

99.999% uptime, minimum

Our multiple telephony carriers, multi-site hosting and multiple alert invocation methods mean you can rely on us to get your message out.

Built in GDPR Compliance

Experts in data privacy

Our software is pre-loaded with smart protection features that keep us ahead of our competitors, making your data maintenance simple, quick, effective and more importantly, compliant.

Close the communication loop.

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