Our solutions …

Are used by these people :

  • Business continuity professionals
  • Emergency planning officers and local resilience forums
  • Facilities managers
  • Corporate communications and HR teams
  • GPs, ward staff, receptionists and switchboards
  • IT/service desk teams

In these sectors:

  • Finance, insurance and legal
  • Chemical and nuclear
  • Aviation and transport
  • Charity, education, healthcare and local government
  • Energy and utilities
  • Property management, real estate and retail

To help with these issues:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery incidents
  • Situation tracking and incident logging
  • Severe weather warnings and emergency notifications
  • IT service alerting
  • Informing executives and internal stakeholders
  • Warning and informing residents under COMAH/REPPIR

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First Time Users

Is this your first foray into the world of business continuity and mass notification? Take a look at our entry level solutions and Frequently Asked Questions to help you find the perfect “starting out” modules for your organisation.

Audio Noticeboard

Simple “dial in and record” emergency information line, with unlimited line capacity – the easiest way to keep everyone up to date about the situation around you without tying up your own phone lines or resources.

Call and Record

Trigger voice calls, emails and SMS messages to your distribution lists via a single phone call; either send one of your static templates, or update your message content during your call to make it incident specific.

Experienced Users

Already using a competitor platform, or had experience of similar solutions in a previous role? Browse our detailed product specifications and platform comparison information to see how we stack up against solutions you’ve tried in the past.

Mass Communication

Voice calls, emails and SMS text messages, with global capacity; unlimited capacity for groups, teams, contact data and message templates, with integrated media library for securely storing and sending frequently used documents.

On Call Notification

Target your message more effectively by sending it to staff who are currently on call, rather than your whole distribution list – compatible with Call and Record, making it easy and efficient for both message senders and message recipients.

Specialist Users

Is your use case a little out of the ordinary, or very specific? Take a look at some of our more specialised modules, read about the different uses our customers have found for them, and find the solution that meets your needs.

Public Notification

Add a branded resident sign up portal, social media registration or managed postal campaign to your mass notification service; use the same simple solution for off site and on site alerting, giving you maximum return on investment.

Situation Management

Log, track and trend situations, as well as managing the associated outbound and inbound communications, from within one simple, easy to use web dashboard; enhance your tracking by setting up automated workflows and reports.

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