Keep your contacts in the loop

Alert Cascade’s Information Hotline is specially designed to keep your team up-to-date without tying up valuable resources, giving you the time you need to operate at peak performance as an event unfolds.

Our flexible and user-friendly tool reduces the level of incoming calls by giving stakeholders a different way to stay up-to-date.

Easy Access – 24/7.

Leave incident messages on your dedicated phone number via phone call, SMS text, or web dashboard.
Stakeholders can access the most up-to-date information without any assistance, 24/7.

Simple Menu System

At Alert Cascade we like to make things easy for you, so our simple menu system is designed to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

Remote Message Recording

Call and record your message from any touch-tone phone using your keypad to navigate the menu, or upload pre-recorded audio via the responsive web dashboard with our secure 3-step authentication process.

PIN-protected Authorised Access

Listen to updates about your UK or US office. Limit access to your more sensitive messages by adding a PIN, so callers can only access the information you have authorised.

Combine our services to optimal effect

Integrate the Audio Noticeboard with Mass Communication Tools

Using the same dedicated phone number for your inbound Audio Noticeboard and your outbound voice calls with our Mass Notification Service means contacts who miss your initial broadcast can hit redial and hear your latest message.

We are Agile

We don’t wait for perfection when we can improve something in the present, which is why we perform continual updates as and when they’re available.

Fixed Cadence

New software releases
every 2 weeks, some with
minor changes, some with
major changes.

We have used Alert Cascade for nearly a decade… The ability to import our existing HR data in its raw format will save us valuable admin resources which we can now put to work elsewhere.”
– BCM Resilience Manager – UK Building Society

Smart Features.

Our Audio Noticeboard module is pre-packed with useful features to simplify and streamline your processes.

Optional Contact Subscriptions

Callers can sign up as long term subscribers or upload your existing contacts and automatically add them to your subscription list. Allow contacts to subscribe via our secure web-portal, QR code or SMS text.

Dedicated Line

Reduce incoming calls by providing contacts with alternative ways to access information. Our Standard package includes nailed line capacity, so no caller ever hears an engaged tone, guaranteed.

Automatic SMS & Email Notifications

Automatically send an email or SMS to contacts when updating a message. Contacts get an instant heads-up the moment a new message is recorded, so they can access the latest update.

Secure Audio Message Library

Pre-record commonly used messages for quick deployment with our integrated audio library. Pass on as much information as you need with unlimited message length.

Audio Noticeboard at a glance.

From the standalone Call & Record service to full integration with our Mass Notification System and everything in between.

Level 1
Call & Record

A simple 3-step process

• Call a dedicated phone number – authenticate your identity using your touch-tone phone – record your message

• Publish your dedicated phone number to your contact lists

• Dedicated line capacity allows callers to listen to your latest message without hearing an engaged tone

Level 2
Automatic Notifications

All the Level 1 functionality +

• Use the web dashboard to upload pre-recorded audio or create new content using our Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine

• Maintain online contact lists and automatically notify them when they have a new message waiting

Level 3
Integration Service

All the Level 1 & 2 functionality +

• Record a copy of your outbound mass notification content on your Audio Noticeboard, or create a separate message for each channel from within 1 simple screen

• Link your phone number to your Audio Noticeboard, so anybody missing your outbound broadcast can call back and hear your latest message

Audio Noticeboard gives us that extra “kick” we needed with our communications. As soon as we make a decision, I can log in or dial in and publish a message on our noticeboard. If anyone’s unsure, they can call at any time and hear the latest information.”
– Office Manager, Primary School

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