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Implementing a mass notification service can be a daunting task, and getting buy-in from front line staff can be the trickiest piece of the puzzle.

Improving the way that you communicate with your staff isn’t just a case of finding a communications solution that gives you what you need technically. You need to be able to make it work from the ground up and get buy in from everyone involved – otherwise, no matter how good the platform is, you won’t get the results that you need. How many times have you heard comments like these, or even thought them yourself?

As a service provider, it’s very easy for us to tell you what we do and how well we do it, but as a customer, it’s not always easy to distinguish fact from fiction and salesman’s patter from genuine customer feedback. So today, we’re going to let one of our customers do the talking and tell you all about their experience of implementing Alert Cascade for the first time.

Meet Giles de Burgh, Head of Resilience for Great Western Hospital, Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group and Wiltshire Health and Care …

“We work in complex organisations in a disparate system. Communication is a big issue for us. Some of the organisations we work with work from a single site, some have over 20 sites spread over a whole county. We work with many different IT and telecommunications systems and work with a broad spectrum of staff with varied IT competencies. As Head of Resilience for multiple organisations (NHS Acute, Community and Commissioning organisations), these issues create problems with communication and co-ordination that have at times seemed insurmountable. They are always at the top of the debrief list of problems.


Initially, we were looking at Alert Cascade for a direct replacement for the radio paging system we used to alert our on call teams. What we have found is that Alert Cascade provides a service that not only replaces our old radio paging system but also surpasses it in terms of functionality, usability and accessibility in every way. We have moved quickly at looking at Alert Cascade for our on call team to rolling this out across much larger parts of the organisations.


We have been implementing Alert Cascade over the last several weeks and there is a genuine buzz developing as a result. It is so flexible in the way you can set it up by team, location, role, training that we can have bespoke but linked systems for different parts of our organisation. Want to know if staff can make it to their shift in heavy snow? Want to know if staff can get to another base to cover a shift? Want to send a message to all on call staff currently on shift to report to the Control Room or dial into a teleconference? Simply want to tell people to stop using their personal email addresses during an incident and to use the incident email address single point of contact? This can all be achieved quickly and effectively.


It is a testament to the simple layout of Alert Cascade that through the training briefings we have been running over the last several weeks that people simply get it. Our Team Leaders are genuinely excited about being able to communicate easily with their teams to fill a vacant shift rather than spend hours calling around individuals, leaving messages on answer phones and then missing the call when someone calls back because they are on the phone to another member of staff. One of our team explained this process can sometimes take hours. With Alert Cascade, they will be able to send it out to the whole team and monitor the response. This aspect alone will save our teams time and money and enable them to spend more time focusing on patient care.


On top of all this, the team at Alert Cascade are excellent. They spend time developing a relationship with you, they listen to the problems you are trying to solve and often come back with pragmatic solutions or else explain very nicely that Alert Cascade already does that.

Myself and my teams are looking forward to working with Alert Cascade over the coming years. I have no doubt that communication will not be top of the debrief report next time we have an incident.”

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March 9, 2018

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