Sellafield Ltd and Cumbria County Council have been working with their mass notification provider, Alert Cascade Ltd, to implement changes to emergency planning arrangements in the vicinity of the Sellafield site.

Following the introduction of the revised Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations in June 2105, there are now new and revised site level emergency arrangements in force from 1st December 2015, including changes to the Detailed Emergency Planning Zone meaning some residents fall within the zone for the first time. Alert Cascade have supported Sellafield with their emergency planning arrangements for over ten years, and have continued their close working relationship with both Sellafield Ltd and Cumbria County Council’s Resilience Unit during this process.

In November, information packs were issued to local residents, outlining the changes and giving people the opportunity to register to receive automated SMS text, email and telephone warnings from Sellafield. By the end of November, over 1000 householders had registered to receive Alert Cascade messages, giving a sign-up rate of 30%.

For more information on Alert Cascade’s range of mass communication services, please call the sales department on 0203 50 30 999 or email


About Alert Cascade Limited

The company specialises in a suite of software communication and collaboration solutions for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Communications, Operations Management and Control Room environment.

Natural disaster, emergency incident, IT systems failure, product recall, the impact of terrorist or criminal activity, damage to reputation or brand-name; a crisis means different things to different people; what is common however, is the need to react and manage your way back to normality as quickly as possible. Many leading international and UK based public and private sector organisations trust Alert Cascade to provide them with ‘high availability’ secure applications that reduce the time between knowing about a mission critical situation and doing something about it.

Alert Cascade delivers solutions that have been used successfully in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami disaster, during the 7/7 London bombings and for response, collaboration and recovery from factory fires, power failures, severe weather, IT-disasters, supply chain issues and numerous other incidents across the globe.