Using a single source of truth to improve your mass communications

For the last 15 years, we’ve specialised in providing our customers with resilient, uk based mass communication services. And now, our solutions just got even better …

5 New features:

Flexible import structure

We recognise that not all customers store their data in the same way, use their data in the same way, or even capture the same data. Because of this, we are providing a totally new import structure, allowing you to import your data using whatever field labels and column heading suit you best. If your HR extract includes a column you don’t need in Alert Cascade, just tell the import wizard to ignore that column, If you capture 6 different phone numbers and 3 different email addresses for your contacts, use our field mapping tool to set up a bespoke import template that matches the information you have. You can even chose what each data field in your Alert Cascade account is labelled, making your source data and your Alert Cascade data totally consistent.

Answer machine detection

We’re seeing a trend where more and more of our customers are contacting their teams on personal phone numbers. From a contact point of view, that’s great; it means you have a much better chance of reaching people if you’re trying to get a message out after normal office hours. But sometimes, the messages you send are going to be sensitive or confidential, so leaving a detailed voicemail on a personal mobile phone is a risk you might not want to take. Our new answer machine detection feature gives you the ability to set your scenario to play a different text to speech message depending whether we reach your contact or hit a voicemail, meaning you get the best of both worlds – increase your contact rates by reaching out to people on as many devices as possible,but keep your information secure by not divulging confidential details in voicemail messages.

Increased polling ability

Customer feedback tells us that getting information back in from contacts can be as important as getting the message out in the first place. So, we’re providing a more detailed polling option, allowing you to use all 10 numeric digits on the phone keypad to capture responses, as well as capturing and interpreting your email and SMS responses. You’ll be able to tell us what each digit means, and we’ll use that information to generate your reports; if you tell us 1 = ETA 15 mins and 2 = ETA 30 mins, your live reports will tell you  who to expect on site and when, allowing you to make properly informed decisions about the incident you’re dealing with.

Icon lead interface

In 2015, OfCom reported that smartphones overtook laptops as the UK internet user’s number on device for the first time ever. So, whilst it would be really convenient if every time you needed to use Alert Cascade you just happened to be sat at your desk looking at a full size monitor, the reality is you’re just as likely to need to send a message from your table, iPad or smartphone. Mobile apps potentially make this easier, but rely on third party operating systems – each time your smartphone operating system gets an update, your apps need an update … far from ideal for a resilient mass notification service. So instead, we’ve concentrated on making sure that our new interface is not just responsive, but is specifically designed from mobile upwards. In plain English, this means that there’s no reliance on third parties, and wherever possible, we’ve replaced buttons and toggles and switches with easy to use icons that resize appropriately for the screen you’re working on. We’ve also changed the way we display information – if you’re not using a feature, it won’t be opened by default, helping make the whole user experience simpler and smoother.

High quality text to speech voices

The way our customers use our platforms is constantly evolving, and so is the technology we work with. In Alert Cascade 4.0, we’re proud to introduce a wide range of new regional voices, as well as additional language packs and the ability to build tour own custom lexicon. If your organisation has an awkward to pronounce name or you have an acronym that you want to use in your messages, our new text to speech engine can be taught to pronounce them the same way that you would; if you want to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious … you can!

For more information about Alert Cascade’s products and solutions, please contact the sales department:

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October 5, 2016

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