Incident management and logging tools

Situation Tracker provides a flexible, easy to use solution for managing a wide variety of incidents from initial report through to post incident review and trend tracking.

Created around our simple, user friendly interface, Situation Tracker provides a full suite of tools for logging and managing incidents, allowing your team to collaborate from any location, on any device.

Incident and situation management will mean different things to different people – if you’re a higher education facility, you will be dealing with different situations than a petrochemical site or an office.

Regardless of the type of incident you’re dealing with, Situation Tracker gives you the tools you need.

Situation log

Track and trend

Automatic notifications

Custom form creator

Incident rules

Task lists

Real time collaboration

Advanced analytics

Document retention

During an incident

  • create and manage communications related to the disruption

  • bring together key personnel to manage the incident

  • establish safe, secure and reliable records

  • keep logs of evidence gathered, decisions made, and actions taken

After the event

  • review the full audit trail of what happened and when

  • analyse root causes and identify key trends

  • review the control measures you have in place

  • take action to prevent, or minimise the impact of, a repeat incident

With a fully customisable framework, letting you decide what information you want to capture, when and how, Situation Tracker provides a scalable and future proof incident management solution for organisations of all shapes and sizes.