Shift, schedule and calendar based notifications with Alert Cascade On Call

Target your critical communications to the right people, at the right time … combine shift rotas with roles, skills and attributes to automatically reach the people who really need to know

IT and Server Alerting

On Call and Duty Staff

Out-of-Hours Escalations

Import an existing calendar

If you’re already managing your rota in your own systems, the last thing you want to have to do is manage it in two different places. Our On Call module let’s you import existing calendars (in real time if that’s what you need), so that you can continue to manage your shifts and rosters in the way that you always have done. The only change is, now you can use them to target your messages more effectively!

Create a new schedule

Sometimes, rotas and schedules are written on whiteboards, and sometimes, they’re even more informal than that. Within On Call, you can create schedules from scratch if you need to, and export them out in calendar format for easy reading. We can even export your rosters via SFTP to your local environment (sharepoint, intranet etc) so your teams always have the most up to date information.

Staffing requirements

Integrated rotas are a great way of making your critical communications more effective, but it’s equally as important that the shift schedules themselves give you the skills and people coverage that you need. On Call enables you to set rules around how many people need to be available at any given time, based on location, skills, qualifications, job role … or any other criteria that you have.

Bespoke rota settings

Part of the beauty of Alert Cascade is that you can create as many fields and teams as you need, to make the system work the way that suits you best. In On Call, this means you can create bespoke shift patterns and rules for each area of your organisation. Need different shift handover times for different roles, or have different requirements for each of your sites? No problem!

Self service shift swap

Not all of our customers manage their staffing calendars centrally – your on call teams may be responsible for arranging their own cover between themselves, or you may need key players to have the ability to cover for each other at short notice without going through the central team. Shift Swap lets you empower staff on a per user basis to swap all, or part of, their on call period with another suitably skilled team member.

Automatic escalation paths

Sequencing and escalation rules ensure your critical alerts are always received and actioned. Each team, message template or incident type can have it’s own escalation path, using the full range of two way communication channels available in our Mass Notification Service. You can combine On Call with any or all of our Alert Cascade modules, letting you tailor the solution to give you the perfect organisational fit.

Performance monitoring

If you have internal Recovery Time Objectives to achieve, or Service Level Agreements to meet, mobilising your on call teams quickly is a key part of achieving those targets. Our performance reports show you average response times on a per team, per incident, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, giving you the knowledge you need to monitor and improve your organisation’s crisis reactions.

Handle shift handovers!

Some situations take longer than 5 minutes to resolve. If we detect a shift handover due within the next hour, we’ll let you choose to target your message to the person responsible right now, the people about to become responsible, or both of them. That way, you can be doubly sure you’re reaching everyone who’s needs to know, and cut down on complicated handovers midway through managing an incident.

Initially, we were looking at Alert Cascade for a direct replacement for the radio paging systems we used to alert our on call teams. What we have found is that Alert Cascade provides a service that not only replaces our old radio paging system but also surpasses it in terms of functionality, usability and accessibility in every way.

We have moved quickly from looking at Alert Cascade for our on call team to rolling this out across much larger parts of the organisation.

Head of Resilience for Great Western Hospital, Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group and Wiltshire Health and Care