Briar Chemicals Limited

Briar Chemicals Limited

Briar Chemicals have used various versions of Alert Cascade to provide warning and informing services to the local community for some years now.

Although we continue to have an excellent safety record, we do have a duty under the Control Of Major Accident Hazards regulations to be able to communicate with local residents and businesses in the event of an incident on site. We also have an internal need to be able to mobilise our on site teams as necessary.

The latest release of Alert Cascade is far more user friendly, both for us as operators, and for local residents as potential recipients. The new web application format extends to the public registration page, making it much simpler for people to subscribe to the free warning and informing service we offer the local community.

For residents, being able to fully manage their subscription from a smartphone or tablet gives them increased control over their personal data. For us as “drivers” of the service, we can now securely manage our entire account from whichever device we are using.

The development work carried out over the last 18 months has simplified our resilience processes, and provided features not available from other vendors.