Mass notification service – Resources

In addition to our built in SMS text and email engines, Alert Cascade uses a sophisticated Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, allowing you to type your message and convert it to an easily understood, human sounding voice, in seconds. UK English male and female voices (including regional accents) are included with all of our accounts as standard, whilst our language packs allow you to chose from a range of alternative nationalities and languages, making Alert Cascade a simple option no matter how complex your needs are.


Mass notification service
Core Features

One way notification or 2 way communication

Voice messaging via Text-To-Speech or .wav

Email messaging with attachments and hyperlinks

SMS text messaging with hyperlinks

International messaging and conference bridge

Invoke via responsive web dashboard or telephone

Document library

Contacts import wizard with unlimited teams

Real time reports dashboard

User permission levels

Secure, EU based hosting with 99.999% SLA

Audio Noticeboard
Information hotline

Dial in and record your message

Send Alert Cascade MNS messages to Noticeboard

Unlimited message length

Allow users to dial in and hear your latest message

Send users SMS notification of new messages

Multiple subgroups available via a simple IVR menu

Audio message library for quick deployment

Restrict access to messages via PIN

Nailed line capacity guaranteeing no engaged tones

Statistical reporting

Secure, EU based hosting with 99.999% SLA

Additional features
Optional upgrades

Bespoke HTML coding for your email messages

SFTP data upload facility

HR database integration

Invoke scenarios via email

Dedicated CLI for outbound voice calls

Secure web portal for PIZ or DEPZ resident sign ups

Dedicated short code allowing sign ups by SMS text

Staff self registration via secure web portal

Additional language packs

Bespoke on site training

Mass notification consultancy service

International language packs

In addition to our regionally accented UK voices, our customers also have full access to our global language packs. We recognise that sending messages globally doesn't just mean using an internationally accented TTS voice for your message content; what happens to your SMS text messages if the language you want to send in uses the Cyrillic alphabet or language specific special characters? Our mass notification service language packs enable you to:


•  use an internationally accented TTS voice for your message content and all voice call system prompts,

•  send your SMS text messages in GSM or Unicode format as needed (allowing full use of all Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, plus special symbols), and

•  automatically convert system generated instructions and acknowledgements in two way email messages to the language you are broadcasting in.


The Alert Cascade mass notification service currently supports 29 different languages, with more on the way. You can hear a sample of our international TTS voices here, or contact us to arrange a multi national trial account to hear the full range and test our international SMS and email messages.