Alert Cascade MNS

Alert Cascade Mass Notification Service - the basics

Alert Cascade MNS is a resilient automated notification service capable of delivering high-speed messages to groups, key individuals or your entire contact list. Our unique app free responsive web dashboard means that the full feature set is available at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC without having to rely on a third party app.


Designed to be easy to use for both message senders and message recipients, you can easily trigger two way messages across SMS text, email and voice call with just three taps or clicks using our icon based dashboard. Responses from your recipients are captured within your real time reports suite, giving you a live graphical view of who replied, what they said, and which device they use.


Alert Cascade MNS enables you to notify your entire staff base, mobilise critical employees or suppliers, keep in touch with local residents and close the communication loop by receiving feedback quickly, in real-time, and from any location - regionally, nationally or globally.

Mass notification service - full feature set available via responsive menu
Intuitive data import and export
User friendly import and export features, allowing you to keep your contact data up to date without investing hours of administrative time. Options include standard import wizard, SFTP file transfer or full HR database / Active Directory integration.
Unlimited communication groups
Target your communications to the people that need to know; build your teams around skill sets, physical location, role or qualifications . There are no limits to the teams you can set up, so you can slice and dice your contacts in any way you need.
Two way voice, SMS text and email
Sometimes notifying people is all you need to do, and sometimes you need to truly communicate. Our two way voice calls, SMS texts and emails collect real time responses from your contacts, enabling you to make informed, effective, decisions.
Integrated audio noticeboard
Our inbound information hotline plays callers a message of your choice. Use it for stragglers who missed your initial cascade or divert your switchboard here during business disruptions - either way, you won't be tying up your phone lines or your people.
Comprehensive real time reporting
Our responsive dashboard lets you track message progress, whether you're on your smartphone, iPad or PC. After the event, automatically email detailed reports to your distribution list and export your results into your own management systems.
Guaranteed security and resilience
Your data is hosted in UK based Tier 4 data centres, and we use multiple resilient carriers to ensure your message always gets through. Our 99.999% SLA is backed up by ISO 27001 and 22301 accreditations, along with our own ICO registration.
Secure document library and attachments
Store key documents within your Alert Cascade environment, enabling you to improve the efficiency of your mass communications by attaching detailed instructions to your messages. Include maps, up to date COMAH cards, policies, photos and more.
Multiple invocation methods
Being able to trigger alerts with two clicks on our responsive dashboard means you can communicate with your contacts any time, anywhere and from any device. Or, if you don't have internet available, dial in and start an alert using our simple IVR.