Alert Cascade NHS

NHS Emergency Notification Service Modules - the basics

Alert Cascade NHS is specifically designed to meet the needs of challenging NHS and UK healthcare environments. Disruptions can range from bed states during high levels of escalations and major incidents, to IT outages at just the wrong time or severe weather warnings affecting staffing levels. Staff are often working in restricted areas and not always easily contactable. On top of that, you need to manage your patients and their appointments, ensuring that Did Not Attends (DNAs) are kept as low as possible to maximise the efficiency of your (already stretched) resources.

Automating internal call cascade and escalation processes reduces the resource levels needed to deal with a disruption and improves your ability manage a situation. Alert Cascade's resilient mass notification service enables two way communication with internal and external stakeholders across multiple channels, with 3 clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger. Our unique app free responsive web dashboard means that the full feature set is available at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC without having to rely on a third party app. And for added resilience, you can call our 24/7 UK based Live Assist team to trigger alerts on your behalf.

Emergency notification service - paging, voice calls, resilient SMS text messages, emails

Our emergency notification service modules allow you to build the service to meet your own specific needs; in addition to Alert Cascade's traditional mass notification system options (two way voice call, SMS text message and email), you can opt to communicate with numeric or alpha numeric pagers as part of your automated call cascade process. Pagers may be considered old technology, but the reality is that for many healthcare providers, they are still a necessity.


•   Battery powered - critical in the event of a disruption to your power supply

•   Separate network - won't be affected by disruptions to the mobile networks

•   Stronger broadcast power - 98% indoor UK coverage, compared to indoor UK mobile coverage of 91% in      

     urban areas, 31% in rural areas

Communicating internally can sometimes be only part of the story - Alert Cascade's appointment reminders module allows you to use the same resilient technology you use for emergency planning, to communicate with your patients and significantly reduce the cost of DNAs. NHS England's Quarterly Activity Return for Q2 2016 - 2017 alone shows first attendance DNAs to be 491,823 and subsequent attendance DNAs to be 1,037,721. Automatic appointment reminders via email, phone call or SMS text, which require interaction from patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments, will provide substantial cost savings, whilst our data management suite makes it almost effortless to integrate your appointments system with Alert Cascade's appointment reminders module.



Intuitive data import and export
User friendly import and export features, allowing you to keep your contact data up to date without investing hours of administrative time. Options include import wizard, SFTP file transfer or full HR / appointments / Active Directory integration.
Unlimited communication groups
Target your communications to the people that need to know; build your teams around skill sets, physical location, role or qualifications . There are no limits to the teams you can set up, so you can slice and dice your contacts in any way you need.
Emergency notification paging
Securely communicate with key staff, regardless of mobile coverage, by including numeric and alpha numeric pagers in your device list. Securely transmit your audio noticeboard phone number or message as part of your automated cascade process.
Interactive appointment reminders
Keep in touch with patients by voice call, SMS or email and help them confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments - before they cost you money as DNAs. Automatically notify staff of results to improve appointment recycling processes.
Multiple invocation methods
Being able to trigger alerts with two clicks or taps on our app free responsive dashboard, means you can communicate with your contacts any time, anywhere and from any device. Or, call our 24/7 UK based Live Assist team to trigger alerts on your behalf.
Integrated audio noticeboard
Send your message to your audio noticeboard - use it for stragglers who missed your initial cascade, transmit the number to pagers so that key staff can hear your message without going through your switchboard or use as a standalone staff information line.
Guaranteed security and resilience
Your data is hosted in UK based Tier 4 data centres, and we use multiple resilient carriers to ensure your message always gets through. Our 99.999% SLA is backed up by ISO 27001 and 22301 accreditations, along with our own ICO registration.
Two way voice, SMS text and email
Sometimes notifying people is all you need to do, and sometimes you need to truly communicate. Our two way voice calls, SMS texts and emails collect real time responses from your contacts, enabling you to make informed, effective, decisions.