Success stories

Hear how our customers feel about Alert Cascade

"We have implemented Alert Cascade in the match operations unit which is responsible for centralising and co-ordinating any information related to match operations, with the aim of taking a pro-active approach to risk management. The unit provides support to all official match delegates who attend every UEFA game and cover 1600 games per year. The attraction for UEFA in the Alert Cascade system is the ability to have quick access to the correct information and consistency in our crisis communication." 

Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)

"Our staff are happier that they could manage to activate the service (as it is infrequently required), due to its simplicity, and the fear factor has largely gone. The speed at which we can contact people has increased immensely. Even if we don't use the service for ages, it's easy to start a call out, and our staff are more confident." 

Associated British Ports

"We have used Alert Cascade to warn and inform our Public Information Zone for some years now, but despite continual efforts to encourage local residents to sign up to the free service, seemed to have hit a brick wall in increasing the number of registration we got from our mail outs. Alert Cascade worked with us to implement a new suite of sign up options; initially we were skeptical about whether signing up via SMS text message would appeal to our local demographic, but our most recent mail out this year showed a significant increase in registrations - we received over 30% more responses when we included the new options in our letter, and look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Alert Cascade." 

Bacton Gas Terminal Complex

"In emergency planning, it is vital to have a fast response as we never know what we are required to respond to. Our call out system must be fast, flexible and above all reliable. Following expert help and guidance from our account manager and his team, London Borough of Redbridge chose the Alert Cascade mass notification service as our preferred staff and public mass communication solution."

London Borough of Redbridge

"Our internal audits revealed that our Cascade Down processes were rarely used; when we delved deeper, this was due to a gap in knowledge - relevant staff were not always aware of an incident or disruption and therefore did not initiate the Cascade Down protocol. We worked with Alert Cascade to implement a new Cascade Up protocol, which ensured that our Divisional MDs, and where necessary our senior stakeholders, were automatically informed of the potential for disruption. This new interim step vastly improved our overall communications strategy and improved internal confidence in the entire Cascade Down process."


"We have found Alert Cascade's service in delivering their software to be very efficient. Web training was conducted at handover, which was sufficient to enable us to use the system fully and on-going support is given via the support line number any time that it is required. Should we have any further training issues, we are given access to screen share software where we are taken through the particular issue step by step. We very rarely require support as each time we have needed to use the system it has worked in the manner that it should. To sum up - Alert Cascade, it does what is says on the tin!"

Royal British Legion

"We needed a method to alert the public in our Public Information Zone. We also had a requirement to have a voice noticeboard message system to divert messages to relatives and the media as our phone system would handle a large number of incoming calls during an incident. We chose Alert Cascade because I had received reports that it was easy to use and had the Audio Noticeboard and call divert facility which we required. It was also a cost effective product and the support from our account manager and the team at Alert Cascade has been exceptional."

Dragon LNG

"I think Alert Cascade is brilliant - superbly easy to use, no tie in to long contracts, recording quality is superb and the customer service from our account manager and the team at Alert Cascade goes far beyond my expectations. Many thanks."

Standard Bank

"Alert Cascade has been invaluable to PLC during recent business disruptions where effective, immediate and automated communications were required to contact staff out of normal business hours. Our account manager and his team have provided PLC with an outstanding level of training and support, not only to our London staff but also to our office in New York where Alert Cascade has been adopted as the emergency communication tool of choice, given its international capability and ease of use."

Practical Law Company Ltd

"Since purchasing Alert Cascade, we have made use of it on a number of occasions and it has enabled us to put staff on call and/or call staff out to support the opening of Rest Centres across Devon to support displaced communities in a timely manner. Previously, to call people out we had to ring the volunteer staff team members individually, explaining what had happened and where to go each time. In our experience, for every staff member successfully despatched, we had to make contact with at least 4 volunteers. Alert Cascade has enabled us to contact all members of the volunteer staff team within minutes, thus saving an enormous amount of time/resources of the co-ordinating Manager."

Devon County Council

"Alert Cascade has provided emergency notification solutions and PCI compliant on site faxing to Sellafield Ltd for a number of years now, through onsite alerting tools to inbound Public Information Zone information lines. The support that we have received from Alert Cascade has been second to none and we are now exploring the range of services which Alert Cascade supplies, to add to our company resilience and site security."

Sellafield Ltd

"Alert Cascade understood our requirements in tailoring our account to the needs of our site. The implementation method used was well received by the Terminal neighbours within the PIZ and outside agencies alike. Clear training and information was provided, and the system has the ease of use and flexibility needed so that we can continue to enhance the Terminal's ability to warn and inform in the event of a major incident."

British Pipeline Agency

"At YBS we have integrated Alert Cascade into our overall crisis communication strategy. We use Alert Cascade services in a wide variety of scenarios; ranging from notifying staff members and senior executives to convening our crisis management teams in response to natural, technological or man-made crises."

Yorkshire Building Society