Alert Cascade SMS

Business continuity text messaging using resilient SMS - the basics

The way we communicate is continually evolving; in 2015, over 95% of adults in the UK owned a personal mobile phone, and smartphones overtook laptops as the UK internet user's number one device for the first time ever. If the preferred contact device for the people you are trying to communicate and collaborate with is a mobile phone, then your communication plans need to take account of this. 



Voice calls and emails have their place, but for many organisations, a web based platform that allows mass communication via two way SMS is the most time and cost effective solution.


Traditionally, businesses have shied away from using SMS text messaging for business continuity purposes, because of a perceived lack of resilience - Alert Cascade SMS is the UK's first mass SMS text platform with guaranteed non-grey routing and a minimum uptime of 99.999%. And don't forget, mobile messaging doesn't have to just mean text ... our feature rich mobile messaging platform combines the benefits of email with the high open rates and convenience of text messaging.

Business continuity sms text messaging
Intuitive contact management
Keep your data clean, tidy and ready to use. Upload your phone contacts, cut and paste a list, import via .csv or .xls, use our SFTP file transfer facility or talk to us about API integration. Even better, ask your contacts to opt in via a short code so they do all the work!
Responsive communication groups
Target your messages so you're automatically collaborating with the the right people. Build unlimited static teams around skill sets, physical location, roles and qualifications or create dynamic adhoc teams based on responses to your initial broadcast.
Feature rich two way messaging
We support texts of up to 612 characters instead of the standard 160. When that isn’t enough, you can add extra detail by including links to relevant documents, add trackable web links, or create surveys and forms to efficiently capture relevant data.
Integrated mobile optimised web pages
Create a mobile web page with images, tables and fonts and attach it to your SMS messages as a link. With no character limits, our integrated page creation wizard helps you send longer, more detailed, messages and includes full end to end tracking and reporting.
Auto responders and workflows
Replies are stored in an inbox which can perform automated actions. Set rules to forward replies to email addresses, URLs, specific mobiles or teams, and send auto responses including attachments and links based on the content of the reply.
Multiple invocation methods
Our responsive web dashboard means you can quickly trigger alerts whether you're on your smartphone, iPad or PC. Take it one step further and use our email to SMS gateway to send your messages from any email software, server or CRM application.
Guaranteed security and resilience
Your data is securely hosted in geo dispersed UK data centres with network connectivity maintained via multiple Tier 1 backbone connections. Our 99.999% is unique to UK SMS messaging, and is supported by ISO 22301 and 27001 accreditations.
Audit controls and real time reporting
Add sub users with individually defined access controls, create lockable message templates to ensure brand consistency or use our integrated report suite to track real time message progress and produce detailed end of message reports.

On the most basic level, Alert Cascade's bulk SMS module allows you to securely and reliably send automated mass communications to clients, members of the public and employees; from incident alerts to meeting invites and general reminders. With servers based in the UK's most advanced data centres, an average delivery time of under three seconds (depending on your receiving network) and less than five minutes total downtime in the last five years, our customers find Alert Cascade SMS perfect for time critical applications.