Alert Cascade Noticeboard

Using Alert Cascade's Audio Noticeboard - the basics

Our Audio Noticeboard module ranges from the simple stand alone "dial in and record" service, right through to a full integration with our mass notification system, and covers all the options in between.


Level 1: Dial in and record

• Call a dedicated phone number, authenticate your identity using your touch tone phone, and record your message

• Publish your dedicated phone number to interested parties (staff, customers, parents, media etc)

• Dedicated line capacity allows callers to dial in an hear your latest message without hearing an engaged tone


Level 2: Automatic SMS and/or email notifications

• All the Level 1 functionality

• Option to use web dashboard to upload pre-recorded audio or create audio content using our Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine

• Ability to maintain online contact lists and automatically notify your contacts that there is a new message waiting for them


Level 3: Integrate with our Mass Notification Service

• All the Level 1 and Level 2 functionality

• Option to record a copy of your outbound mass notification content on your Audio Noticeboard, or to create a separate message for each channel, from within 1 simple screen

• Ability to link your outbound Caller Line Identifier (CLI) to your Audio Noticeboard, so anybody missing your outbound broadcast can dial back and hear your latest message

Remote message recording and management
Dial in and record your message from any touch tone phone using your keypad to navigate the simple menu, or upload your pre-recorded audio via the responsive web dashboard using our secure three step authentication process.
Multiple subgroups and teams
Using our simple menu, callers can choose to listen to updates about your UK office or your US office. The ability to restrict access to your more sensitive messages by adding a PIN, means callers can only access the information you allow them to.
Optional contact subscriptions
Allow first time callers to sign up as long term subscribers, or upload your existing contacts and automatically add them to your subscription list. Go one step further, and allow contacts to subscribe via our secure web portal, short code or QR code.
Automatic SMS and email notifications
Give your subscribers the option to receive an email or SMS when you update messages on your Noticeboard. As soon as you record a new message, subscribers will get the heads up …. and if they don’t get a notification, often no news is good news!
Secure audio message library
Our integrated audio library allows you to pre-record commonly used messages for quick deployment in what might already be a stressful situation. With unlimited message length, you can pass on as much information as you need to.
Comprehensive real time reporting
Build custom rules for your statistics, define how often you need reports and decide who they should be sent to. Automatically forward copies of your messages via email to the destinations of your choice, so a full audit record is always available.
Dedicated line capacity per account
Audio Noticeboard reduces incoming calls to your switchboard by providing contacts with an alternative way to access information; so as part of our standard package, we offer nailed line capacity, guaranteeing no-one hears an engaged tone when they call in.
Integration with mass communication tools
Using your dedicated Noticeboard number as a CLI on your outbound calls give you an extra communication channel in your Alert Cascade MNS account. Contacts who miss your initial broadcast can dial straight back in and hear your latest message.