Alert Cascade Connect

Incident Management with alert cascade connect - the basics

Many of our solutions focus on getting in touch with teams, letting people know about ongoing incidents and keeping members of the public informed ... but before any of that can happen, you need to know there's an issue in the first place. Often, the people responsible for invoking a business continuity, disaster recovery or emergency plan won't be the people who know about the incident first. So, the challenge is how to get this information to the right people, so they can make an informed decision about the way forward.


Alert Cascade Connect offers a simple dial in and connect service - you can choose for callers to be connected live, using our advanced "find me, follow me" telephony routing to ensure you reach the right person, or you can opt for a secure voicemail service with multiple delivery paths allowing the information to be delivered to a whole team simultaneously, along with a conference call option enabling you to collaborate as necessary. Either way, effective crisis and incident management begins with connecting the right people, to the right information, as quickly as possible. 

Secure dial in and connect facility
Provide a dedicated phone number for getting in touch about business disruptions, H&S incidents and customer complaints. Add a PIN to your line for additional security, ensuring commercially sensitive information is properly protected.
On demand audio conferencing
Create ad-hoc conference calls to improve collaboration and bring everyone up to speed; with bespoke welcome messages, PINs, host tracking and call recording as standard, our audio conference feature puts you in full control of the unfolding incident.
Flexible voicemail delivery options
Choose to have your secure voicemails delivered via SMS and email, or opt to have them delivered to your server via SFTP. Create bespoke sender names and subject lines for your notifications, ensuring your contacts recognise the importance of your messages.
Intelligent call routing features
Our cloud based telephony allows you to route your secure dial in number wherever it needs to go - set up pre-connection greetings, IVRs, data captures, time and day routing, hunt groups or simple transfers from within the responsive web dashboard.
Guaranteed security and resilience
We use multiple resilient carriers to ensure your message gets through, regardless of what's going on around you. Our 99.999% SLA is backed up by ISO 27001 and 22301 accreditations, with data held here in the UK and supported by UK based staff 24/7.
Comprehensive real time reporting
Every stage in your incident management process is tracked - each inbound call, audio conference, SMS and email is captured in our report suite, along with call recordings and voicemails, ensuring you have a full end to end audit trail.
Advanced forwarding templates
Sometimes, just forwarding on the initial voicemail isn't going to be enough. Our advanced forward features mean you can define different, ad-hoc, escalation paths and include extra information on the fly using our simple email API.
Straightforward number provisioning
Choose from local, memorable or non geographic numbers, or port an existing phone number into Alert Cascade Connect. We have access to over 5 million phone numbers in the UK alone, so we're sure you'll find a number to suit your needs.